This week I added some final tweaks to the feature for it to be useful and start testing it. How it looks now:

Screenshot from 2017-07-18 04-46-58

  • I added a link to Article on the modal so that the users know which article the feedback is given to. This will be necessary especially for articles that don’t exist for which the feedback is given on the user’s sandbox page.
  • The okay button is replaced with the close icon.

Improving the Automatic Feedback

As of now, the Automatic Feedback feature is not very relevant. So the first step to giving some valuable feedback I documented all the feature in this blog post. Next step would be to, as suggested by Sage, creating an Excel Document to document all the assigned articles and the suggestions given for the WikiEd staff and others to contribute to the Automatic Feedback.

Displaying the ML features

During the meeting, Jonathan discussed topics about how in a UI some details about the features should also be presented to the user in an ML based system. And the feedback modal can incorporate such elements.

Further Steps

  • The next step would be to add this feature to the Available Articles section. The code for this is already done but instead of predicted ORES rating we can use the actual rating.
  • Before that data flow can be fixed and the features can be persisted in the background with also an ability for instructors to give some feedback. Before this, some design options should be considered.