The feature was deployed to the dashboard. The dashboard has a pretty closed group of users who are instructors and their students so hoping to receive some feedback and make some improvements.

My plan of what could be done more

  • Making the messages more jargon-free.  As the feature is aimed at newcomers the text shouldn’t have that much of Wikimedia Jargon.
  • Adding Feedback feature in the section of Assigned Articles so that the instructors and others aren’t oblivious to the feedback students are seeing.
  • And getting some suggestion from the user side should be made easier especially for the future of the project where a larger feedback pool is expected.
  • Better data flow for the suggestions. Even though there is persistence in the front end for the suggestions. In the backend, data is not persisted or saved to the database.

And this could also be extended to a feature where the instructors can give some advice through the dashboard on assigned articles.