The coding period for Google Summer of Code officially began on 30 May 2017 UTC. We had a Kickoff meeting and got geared up to make some improvements on the Wiki Education Dashboard. I finished with putting up the buttons in the MyArticles component and giving a look to it.

Screenshot from 2017-06-01 19-19-37

Frontend Testing

Most of my projects are devoid of testing. But testing is a really important aspect of a good code. If you feel that it is difficult to write tests for your code then it is possible that the code might not be readable or lack modularity both of which are important. Especially when it comes to Frontend Code testing might seem really unnecessary but it makes the code base more scalable and it also saves you from refreshing your page every minute to see the effects of your code. This talk is a really amazing talk about ReactJS testing with Jest but it touches on the importance of testing in general.

In a good test suite, the tests should be contained. We should try to minimise the case of other tests failing when one of the tests fails. While any test assumes that other aspects of the program are correct. This test shouldn’t fail because it didn’t receive a proper input from some other function which the current test is not concerned about.