Week 3 was dedicated mostly to finalizing the deliverables of the project. A copy of the updates done on my Wikimedia User page is presented here. These posts are a requirement for the Google Summer of Code program. I have in mind some tutorials on things I worked on recently and also I am making a portfolio website with Jekyll. So I hope to update them here soon.

GSoC 2017 Project : Automatic editing suggestions and feedbacks for articles in Wiki Ed Dashboard


The Wiki Ed Dashboard / Programs & Events Dashboard is a Ruby on Rails + Javascript application that helps people organize groups of newcomers to contribute to Wikipedia.

Aim of the Project

This project aims to use ORES (Objective Revision Evaluation Service) to provide

  • To add a feature to give some automatic feedback on the articles being edited by the dashboard users using the ORES based data on the articles.
  • Using the same data to build a feature that can help editors find an article to which they can contribute the best to based on their previous Wikipedia editing experience.


Sage Ross, Jonathan Morgan.

ORES data

The ORES data as of now provides predicted article classes and also has a data on the features used for the prediction.

MyArticles component

The newly added MyArticles component is a great place to start with for providing feedback on some revisions. It is an accumulation of all the article an user is creating, editing and reviewing. For the first part, the idea is to use the features provided by the ORES API to present to the users some suggestions on what areas to improve their articles based on the features list (For example some feedback on citations and structure). For this the initial approach is to use our judgement to give some advice on the appropriate values on these features. Then the ORES predicted rating based on the latest revision will be used to give some editing suggestions.

Feedback on the suggestions

The automatic feedback feature can be definitely useful for the newcomers to Wikipedia editing and presenting these information in a way they can easily find it and use it is gonna be a major focus of this project. Getting some feedback on these suggestions from several people should be also be a focus on improving these feedback messages. To enable proper feedback focus should also be on presenting the feedback to instructors and other Dashboard users who are interested in the development of the article who might be able to give useful feedback to the suggestions given. How it is going to be implemented in UI is not yet decided.

Using the feedback

The feedback received is going to be a major tool in building the suggestion messages presented and can be a mechanism for the continuous improvement of the suggestion messages even after the project. Though a generic feedback system for the dashboard exists. The current feedback should be presented in the admin dashboard in the context of the article, its ORES data and the suggestions provided in order to use the feedback to improve the suggestion messages.

Available Articles component

The Available Articles section is a place to start with for suggestions based on article rating and improving on it with some ORES features based suggestions. This is so that students can pick articles based on what kind of revisions they want to make. The same kind of suggestion as in the MyArticles components can be applied here except it can use the imported article rating. While for the articles being edited and sandbox articles the talk page is going to be the major source for instructors to give direct feedback on the article for Available articles there can be an option for instructors to add some of their own suggestions in the suggestions box.

I also came up with a tentative schedule. The work needs to be more relaxed during August as the next semester starts on July 31.

Timeline Task
Week 1 (Due May 18) Community Bonding period
Week 2 (Due May 25)

Community Bonding period

Week 3 (Due June 1)

Design and add buttons in the MyArticles component that would display the feedback

Week 4 (Due June 8)

Add feedback based on ORES features

Week 7 (Due June 29)

Onboarding UX for the feature

Week 5 (Due June 15)

Add feedback based on ORES rating

Week 6 (Due June 22)

Receive feedback on the new feature

Week 10 (Due July 20)

Show the feedback on the activity section for the instructors to provide feedback

Week 8 (Due July 6)

Improve the feedback based on the received suggestion

Week 9 (Due July 13)

Add editing suggestion feature in Available Articles component

Week 11 (Due July 27)

Improve the suggestions provided

Week 12 (Due August 3) Add features for instructors to add some notes on the suggestions provided.|
Week 13 (Due August 10)
August 10 to August 24

Identify areas of improvement in ORES. Write documentation

Final Week

Final evaluation on September 7